“Education should inculcate the idea that humanity is one family with common interests.
That consequently the collaboration is more important than the competition.”

Bertrand Russell



Excellence and professionals to face the challenges of innovation

Ekuberg Pharma bases its daily activity on team working, combining high expertise of its staff and professionalism of numerous scientific partners. The objective is the product development and the management of clinical trials in support of the products.

Ekuberg Pharma supports its partners in the development path and scientific research from the management of scientific and regulatory aspects to patent protection and business development of medical devices and dermocosmetic products.



The company continuously launches challenges to the world of scientific research in order to advance and make progress every day and this aspect emphasises its naturevery much. Moreover, the company is committed to providing well-being for any person, being aware that a greatdeal of team work is necessary to achieve all this.