“Research and develop human-friendly exclusive and safe solutions, available to everyone,
in order to increase personal well-being and improve the quality of life”.

 Enrico Giannuzzi

CEO Ekuberg Pharma



Personal well-being

The mission of Ekuberg Pharma s.r.l. is to research and develop unique products aimed at providing personal well-being and health, supporting the pharmacological action. Ekuberg Pharma ensures the effectiveness and efficacy in the different phases, from product development to production, from distribution to marketing strategies, through continuing training of its co-workers and building consolidated partnerships with professionals and experts.

Nature and Science meet

The company decided to concentrate its efforts on technological research and scientific innovation, starting from natural active components and developing solutions in order to increase the level of reliability of science and medicine.

Certified quality

Since 2009 Ekuberg Pharma has implemented a Company Management System in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 issued by the notified body Certiquality (Certificate n. 23488). This is to guarantee that all the products are designed, manufactured and controlled in accordance with standardised methods, constantly revised to identify and develop opportunities for improvement, ensuring a full customer satisfaction.