“Our greatest strength lies in the daily sharing
aimed at the reciprocal growth. Daily sharing also characterises the relationships with our partners,
totally involved in many innovative projects concerning the different medical fields”

Enrico Giannuzzi

CEO Ekuberg Pharma



Treatments and solutions for the entire family

Ekuberg provides adjuvant solutions to normal pharmacological treatments in the different fields relevant to human health through investments aimed at the research of raw materials of the latest generation and strict effectiveness and safety tests. The company’s activity focuses on the following fields:

Team work

All the sectors in which Ekuberg decided to work are an intersection of synergies and collaborations at all levels. The international partnerships, the on-site scientific laboratories, the staff of doctors and researchers, who have always followed the whole production process of the different products, work together to ensure the highest quality.

Looking at progress means: investing in research and innovation in specific sectors, focusing on and increasingly perfecting the products.