The skin is the largest organ of the body and it has many different functions, so it needs particular care in order to preserve its aspect and perception at best. The skin is directly or indirectly related to each organ and it has countless and fundamental functions for our life.
From this statements, Ekuberg Pharma decided to support patients with skin problems, characterised by an alteration of the barrier function of the skin, providing specific solutions in order to improve and treat skin irritations. From this, DermoACM® line was born, the treatment studied and tested on patients affected by scleroderma. Scientific research at the basis of the products derives from the study of “worst cases” to proceed with their use in healthy patients. The use of surfactants of plant origin, the absence of preservatives with high allergising power, the absence of formaldehyde cessors and the combination of active ingredients of the lastest generation are the pillars which make Ekuberg lines of products transverse and effective at the same time.



The integrated approach with specialists in Rheumatology allowed to achieve excellent results on people affected by rheumatic diseases with severe implication of the skin. From rheumatological and dermatological research DermoACM® line was born. It is the first cosmeceutical project to treat dry skin in scleroderma patients. It is clinically tested(1) with the aim of providing an effective solution to the specific needs of hygiene and hydration and, therefore, improve the comfort and the quality of life of people affected by systemic sclerosis with skin involvement.

Maurizio Muratore°, Laura Quarta°, Laura Raho°, Daniela Costanza°, Silvia Frisenda°, Fabio Calcagnile°, Antonella Grimaldi°, Davide Carati◊, Marcello Guido●, Eugenio Quarta°, Giuseppe Alessandrini□
° U.O Reumatologia, “A. Galateo” San Cesario di Lecce (LE)
□ Dermatologo clinico, Ugento (LE), Italia
● Laboratorio di Igiene, Dipartimento di Scienze e tecnologie biologiche e ambientali, Facoltà di Scienze, Università del Salento, Lecce, Italia
◊ Dipartimento Ricerca e Sviluppo, Ekuberg Pharma srl, Martano (LE), Italia



The collaboration with doctors of Oncology and Radiotherapy departments is also important. It led to the creation of formulations for cleansing and care of the skin of patients treated by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, with considerable stress for the skin (appearance of folliculitis, skin dryness and rash) and for the intimate mucous membranes.